Teeth Whitening

In recent times, it had become popular to have a brilliant white, 'Hollywood smile.' This trend has somewhat changed, as more and more patients are looking for teeth whitening solutions which provide a more natural looking tooth colouring.

Whitening of the teeth can be a longer process than many currently understand it to be. After your initial consultation, the follow-up involves regular trips to the dentist as well as having to wear a gel-based mouthguard. From start-to-finish, this form of teeth whitening should take a couple of months.

As an alternative to this type of treatment, laser whitening is also available – a treatment which takes around an hour to complete. For the vast majority of people, teeth whitening is regarded as a cosmetic product, and is therefore only available privately. Only in cases where there has been a medical reason for the discolouration of teeth, will the NHS consider covering this type of treatment for a patient.

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